Alcam Services is an Authorized Distributor & Maintenance Provider for Jet Inc.

Central Texas Authorized Distributor & Maintenance provider for Jet Inc

Alcam services maintains any kind of septic systems and it is also an authorized distributor for Jet Inc.

Jet's Residential Plant:

Jet’s Residential Plant breaks down wastes via a three compartment tank. A Pre-Treatment Compartment receives influent where heavy solids settle and form sludge at the bottom of the tank. The second compartment of Jet’s Residential Plant is the Treatment Compartment. Here wastewater is thoroughly mixed with oxygen via our 700+ Aerator and passed over the living microorganisms located on Jet’s BAT (Biologically Accelerated Treatment) media. This is an exclusive process designed and developed by Jet Inc. and is more efficient than the pure activated sludge plants that Jet pioneered years ago. Treated wastewater then flows to the Settling Compartment. A clear liquid, devoid of color and odor, known as effluent, is then discharged through the Baffled Outlet.

Clearly, a Jet Residential Plant does a whole lot more than the old-fashioned septic tanks of yesterday. A Jet Residential Plant is capable of treating 500 to 1,500 gallons of wastewater each and every day. That’s the size of a small swimming pool or thirty 50 gallon hot-water heaters, all capable of high volume usage. Studies show that a Jet Residential Plant operates up to 5 times longer than a septic tank! Also, changes in flow by weekend guests, parties, multiple baths, laundry and dishwashers all running at once DO NOT affect the performance of a Jet system. That’s an investment that both saves money and helps protect the environment. Jet Plants run so efficiently, they can eliminate the need for leach fields and substance filters. For more information, visit

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